Monday, March 18, 2013

When The Bottom Falls Out

                             Subdrop is one of those topics you come across occasionally. It was something I had read about a few times, thought okay and then filed the information away somewhere in my brain and then never really gave much thought to it again.
                            Then it happened to me and at first I couldn't figure out what the heck was happening. I felt shaky, not shaking, but off kilter not right.Initially I thought I was having a reaction to medication- I had this type of reaction before to certain meds- but I hadn't taken any medication. It was rather disconcerting. I felt restless and weepy even though I wasn't sad, hell I had just been almost euphoric a short time ago.
                            My poor husband wasn't sure what to do for me and I wasn't sure what to tell him. Fortunately that tucked away information started to come to me and I was able to recognize that what I was feeling was a form of subdrop.  One of us had to pick up our youngest from school and since I wasn't in any shape to drive   that left him. I felt the best thing to do was curl up in bed and try to sleep it off. He tucked me in and brought my phone to me in case  I needed anything. 
                           I felt somewhat better when I woke up and first thing the next morning, but that afternoon I was irritable and short with everyone, the fact that the kids weren't being as cooperative as I would have liked and he yelled at me along with the kids didn't help.
                              Over the next several days I wouldn't say he was distant, I think he was just hesitant to be physical because he was nervous about what had happened. Wanting him to know I was fine I decided to take the bull by the horns so to speak and show him. All it took was me asking "Hey how would you like a blow job?"
                                   That one little question was all it took. Afterwards we snuggled and talked about what had happened. We discussed the fact that we had played for a longer time than normal and had pushed some new boundaries. He said the scariest thing for him was having to leave me alone when I was in that state and we discussed allowing more time for aftercare when we have a long intense session. He also joked about keeping chocolate handy. I won't object, who can say no to great sex followed by chocolate? I also realize that I should at least have a light meal earlier and stay well hydrated before and after- play on an empty stomach probably isn't a good idea.
                              I've done a lot of research on the internet concerning ttwd and have found this blogging community to be the best resource. It was from reading fellow blogger's posts that I was able to recognize and deal with my episode of subdrop. I'm not looking forward to it happening again, but think I'll be better prepared thanks to the information that this community has provided.



  1. I understand subdrop all too well. And it's frustrating when it happens and there's not much to do besides ride the feelings out.

    More aftercare will definitely help. Try different kinds to see what works with what types of play.

    I also suggest getting a fuzzy blanket to cuddle with. I've seen that help a lot of people when they need comfort and are not really sure how to get it.



    1. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll keep them in mind.

  2. Glad you knew what it was, it is hard enough dealing with but not knowing what you are dealing with is even harder. Lots of aftercare is wonderful

    1. I'm just glad I remembered some of what I had read and recognized it for what it was.

  3. I am glad you were able to recognize it and work through it together...I have that piece of information tucked in the back of my mind just in case... Thanks for sharing

  4. You're welcome. It's good to be armed with information in case you find you need it.

  5. Hi,

    I believe what you experienced is common during BDSM or spanking play. Often, we do not eat well because we are nervous. I am often anxious before a hard scene and do not eat much. BDSM play expends a lot of energy for the bottom, more than we imagine. If we have not eaten, we will become light headed during the scene. A good host of an event will have plenty of food for nourishment so that players do not get wobbly.

    I get subdrop the day after a long session. I am anxious before the scene, excited during the play and my endorphins are raging after the scene. I am on a high for hours. But, the next day, I am feeling down, missing the play from the day before and emotionally drained from the energy I used the day before.


  6. I know I couldn't say no to great sex and choc that would be heaven :-)